The Anti-Drug Medicine Safe

Unauthorized prescription drug use amongst teens is a growing problem. Perma-Vault Safe Company cares for our youth and would like to provide you with the tools to safe-guard your prescription drugs, and to help keep your children safe. We carry a line of safes that are well suited to keep your medications locked up and out of harms way. Educate yourself today on drug use in our teens – visit

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anti_drug_hidden_wall_safe2                                Anti_Drug_In_Room_Safes

Our USA Made In-Wall safes are designed to fit between standard wall studs for easy installation. These heavy steel constructed safes require no assembly and come with one adjustable shelf.

This In-Wall Safe is designed to be hidden behind your favorite piece of art. Lock your prescription drugs up. Out of sight, out of mind.

Typically known as In-Room or Guest Room safes; Perma-Vault carries a variety of drug security solutions to safeguard your prescription drugs and your family.

Contact a specialist from Perma-Vault to help you select the right safe and lock combination to meet your personal safety needs.

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Please contact Perma-Vault today to learn more about safeguarding your prescription drugs. We’ll help you select the right safe and lock options to meet your personal needs.

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